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Frequently asked questions

Do you rent machines?

Yes! We want to help you get your job done, so give us a call at (866) 275-0446 and we will help pick out the right machine for you to rent and help get it to your job site.

Are there any discounts?

We are one of the best priced machine manufacturers in the market already, but we are willing to work with our customers to give them the best deal possible. We also have financing available.

How do I find pricing Information?

Please fill out our contact form, choose the machine you are
interested in and we will send you pricing information.

Where can I purchase machines?

Please fill out our contact form with your location and we
will get you in contact with your local dealer!

How do I change the belt on my machine?

We have a video tutorial for you! Click the link to watch step by step instructions.

How can I reach you?

The best way to reach us is through our email,, or by phone at (866) 275- 0446.

How do I get information on maintenance?

Please fill out our contact form and select the machine you are doing maintenance on and what you are trying to accomplish, and we will
respond in a timely manner with instructions from our technicians.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. We are proud to offer a 2- year warranty on all of our machines.

Have more questions?

Reach us at or 866-275-0446