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30" Remote Control and Ride-On Grinder

As the ultimate concrete floor grinding and polishing machine, the RT3 can be operated by remote control and also has a ride-on option. The remote control option reduces labor costs and increases efficiency and consistency. The RT3 is the perfect grinder for large surface areas such as warehouses and big box retail centers. The grinder can be adjusted to a fixed speed to grind and polish the concrete according to your needs.

The magnetic plates make tool changing a simple task with our enhanced metal tooling and resin holders. Because this machine is gear driven, there is no need for belt changes.

The RT3 is compatible with our 220VBT Industrial Vacuum. While attached, the vacuum and grinder can be operated by one worker, which reduces labor costs and saves time.


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For your convenience, here are some videos including information about the machine as well as maintenance.

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