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32" Electric Grinder

The RT9-B is the ultimate ride-on concrete grinder and polisher. Featuring a 32" cutting path, the RT9-B is capable of grinding large areas of concrete to remarkably flat surface. This ride-on grinder allows the operator to grind for long hours without fatigue. The grinder can be easily operated with the built in joystick controller allowing the user to move forward, backward, and side to side.

The RT9-B features 4 planetary counter rotating heads each holding 4 pieces of tooling. Changing tools is easy with the integrated magnetic plates.

The RT9-B is perfect for large surface areas such as warehouses and big box retailers, and can easily handle cutting wet or dry.


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For your convenience, here are some videos including information about the machine as well as maintenance.

Feel free to contact us for any questions or inquiries regarding the maintenance of our machines.

Oil Seal Replacement

Cuppler replacement

Dust Shroud Replacement

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