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Cup Wheels

Econo Cup WHeel 12 seg

The Econo Cup Wheel is specifically designed to be a fast cutting blade without the high cost. This 7 inch cup wheel can be used to grind concrete floors, granite, quartz surface, and terrazzo. The cup wheel is available threaded or non-threaded.

Product Qualities:
-Traditional Long Life Pattern
-12 extra thick segments
-7 inches in diameter

pcd cup wheel

PCD cup wheel has 6 segments and is the best tool for removal of heavy epoxy, coatings, mastic, glues or even fast stock removal of concrete. Manufactured from the highest quality polycrystalline diamonds, this tools scraping action eliminates gumming up of segments and maximizes production.

-Removes most coating materials
-Fast stripping features
-Comes in 5" and 7"

  Bush Hammer

Our Bush Hammer plates each have 3 rotating bars fitted with sharp spikes.
Each Bush Hammer spins while the plate is rotating, allowing for each spike to
grind into the ground. Bush Hammers are great for removing heavy coatings or
for creating texture. Click on the Video Button to watch them in action!


  Adhesive remover pro

The Adhesive Remover Pro uses carbides to easily and efficiently remove
thick sticky glue from concrete without gouging the floor. Each carbide can be
rotated up to 4 times, allowing you to get a long life out of each tool. These plates
are easily attached to your machine and will allow you to remove thick glue quickly.
Watch our video to see what they can do!

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